The French Alps

From Girona, Spain I had originally planned on taking the train back to France to spend a few days in Marseilles with my uncle, but a last-minute invitation to spend the weekend in a chalet in the French Alps with a couch surfing host made me speed back to Grenoble from Girona. A few trains and a bus later, I went from basking in the Mediterranean sun to frolicking through fresh snow in the Alps. I love Europe!

I stayed with the lovely Gentianne for a night in Grenoble before heading to the mountains with her boyfriend and a few of their friends for the weekend. Everything about this part of my trip makes me smile. The fact that I was picked up from the train station by bike, that I was taken out to see an awesome band in Grenoble, that I stayed in a chalet in the French Alps, that we had a snowball fight inside because it was so hot with the wood stove, that I ate fresh cheese, drank French wine, and ate local food everyday, that I went “backcountry snowboarding” on a closed ski hill, and that I total strangers became my friends. That kind of hospitality and generosity is just so great 🙂

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