Barcelona and Catalonia

Beautiful Barcelona

Margot, Sepo and I arrived in Barcelona, after a truly terrible flying experience with RyanAir, where we spent the next three days exploring the city and its many beautiful parks. We based ourselves at the Mellow Hostel and although it wasn’t located downtown, we still walked almost everywhere.

Exploring the lively streets of this beautiful city was a delight. We checked out many parks including the famous Park Güell, constantly picked fresh rosemary and thyme from ornamental landscaping to add to our daily picnics, bought fresh olive tapenade, cheese, bread, and wine for those same picnics, and checked out some of the main tourists sites in town including La Sagrada Familia, the magic fountain, the Parc del Laberint d’Horta, and the Old Town.

Roadtripping & Camping

From Barcelona our trio headed north, exploring the Costa Brava with a rental car and camping along the way. We stopped by many beaches, took detours to check out views from various promontories, and our picnics got even more serious.

Medieval Girona

I parted way with Margot and Sepo in Girona where I was warmly welcomed by my cousin Barbara and her Spanish host-family. Barbara showed me around the medieval city, took me to local bars and restaurants, and indulged me with a nice hike to the Santuari De La Mare De Deu Dels Àngels .


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