About Us

Hello, Curniss and Chris here. Not that they are particularly nice, but we invite you to follow our feet as they take us to some amazing places. Most of the time we are hiking, canoeing, cycling, sailing, picnicking, and camping in northwestern Ontario near our Thunder Bay home. When we are not exploring the north shore of Lake Superior or the surrounding boreal forest we love to travel to other parts of Canada, the Americas, and overseas.

As two outdoor enthusiasts, we generally gravitate to mountains and oceans where we can get off the beaten track and enjoy amazing views with minimal people. But we also love good beer, wine, coffee, food, used books, art galleries, and cats and so we do sometimes venture into the urban realm in search of these things.  We hope you enjoy the travel stories, tips, and highlights we have to share on this blog! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.