Chris’ Tour de Europe

My tour de Europe has gotten off to a great start largely thanks to Curniss’ brother, Garrin, who is currently living in France just outside Switzerland. Since my arrival in Europe, I have been to the Jura Mountains, CERN, downtown Geneva, and the Alps.

Together we spent some time hiking in the nearby Jura mountains and put Garrin’s new car battery to the test by driving to Chamonix, where the views of the alps (including Mt. Blanc) were spectacular.  Here, we hiked up to Refuge de Loriaz at 2,020 metres elevation.  This vantage point enabled us to really appreciate the size and beauty of the Alps without having to strain our necks quite so much as was required from the valley floor below.

Once Garrin had to go back to work, I decided to do some more hiking in the Juras once again.  I returned to le Reculet to spend the night. While the sunset was magnificent, a bit of a weather-system moved in overnight and blocked the view of the rising sun.  From le Reculet, I went to Cret de la Neige (1,720m), Grotte de la Marie Jura (1,644m), and Pierre de la Lune (1,510m).  Most of the views were obscured by cloud cover until later in the day when I had already returned to Garrin’s apartment. While the rainy weather persevered, I went to watch a hockey game, got a tour of CERN, and spent a few nights on the town catching some jazz shows and eating out .
So far, it has felt a little odd to be mostly retracing Curniss’ steps from her trip here last spring, so I decided to go somewhere random for my next destination.  After waking up in the middle of the night feeling a little Hungary, I promptly booked a ticket to my next destination:  Budapest.  After this, who knows what I’ll Czech out 😉

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