Dramatic-Jurassic-Tyranosaurastic-Apocalyptic Effect

In two days we went from “Minnesota Nice” to “Badass Badlands” as we drove through the US mid-west from Thunder Bay through Minnesota to South Dakota. We followed secondary highways that led us through the bucolic countryside and quaint towns with very precise population signs, e.g. Vila, Population 19.

We arrived to the Badlands National Park where numerous thunderstorm heads filled the horizon beyond the jagged rock spires to add a Dramatic-Jurassic-Tyranosaurastic-Apocalyptic and somewhat euphoric effect to the virtuoso landscape (worthy of a lengthy new descriptor).

We are now ready to tackle mountainous terrain and will head into the Black Hills tomorrow before reaching the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming in the days to follow. In case you are wondering, yes, we are exhausted from the long drive and potentially going sun-nuts.

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  • It was so nice to meet you both. This blog is very cool. Best of luck on your continued adventures.


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