J’♥ Paris

We landed in Paris on Tuesday June the 26th without knowing how we would spend the day or where we were going to stay. Luckily, we ended up meeting two young Americans who led us to The Loft, a new trendy hostel in Belleville that opened less than one month ago, where a few beds were still available.

After a shower and a quick nap we set out to the Eiffle Tower of course, stopping at a terrasse for some wine and a light meal along the way. We walked up to the two first levels of the iconic 320 meter iron strcuture, which probably saved us a good hour of waiting in line for the elevator option, and queued to embark on the lift which took us all the way to the top for a crowded but impressive view of Paris. Having seen “all” of Paris, we headed to Marseille the next day to spend some time on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea with Martin, Curniss’ Uncle.

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