Spring in Thunder Bay = Birch Sapping Season

Due to the unusually warm winter and spring this year, the birch sap was already flowing when we got back in Thunder Bay from our travels overseas. Chris got to work right away to kick off the 2012 Blende Creek Birch Sapping Season and we began the laborious process of collecting birch sap to make delicious birch syrup. Lazy moments spent basking in the afternoon sun in our hammock hung between two spruce trees, watching the sap boil as twitterpating rabbits darted through the underbrush, truly made us feel back home in the boreal forest. A few cold spells and a five centimeter snowfall did not deter us and we ended up producing five liters of syrup from 550 liters of sap.


  • hey guys, your blog is awesome! curious, can anyone tap trees in this area or where you on private property?
    Melissa Hazen
    (ex-neighbour at 410:)


    • Hi Melissa! The trees we tap are on a private family property but I think you can tap trees anywhere on crown land. Boreal Birch Syrup (http://www.birchsyrup.ca/) run their entire operation on Crown land with a special land-use permit. For smaller scale syrup production, I don’t see why it would be any different than harvesting other wild edibles.


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